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Sunset Firepit Kit

A firepit kit crafted from Brussels wall blocks, the Sunset firepit kit is a great entrée to the vast world of Outdoor Living. With light and dark colors to accentuate any patio or lawn, the Sunset firepit is the perfect size to gather around and make memories with your loved ones. And since the blocks used to create the firepit are stocked here at Madison Block & Stone, making an additional tier is a snap! Pair it up with a Brussels themed patio, seatwall, or pathway to find your gateway to outdoor living. With the option to purchase a square or round firepit, as well as an optional removable cooking grate, you can have your pick of how the firepit will look and function for your lifestyle. This firepit also comes with the recommended ring for the inside of the firepit, making this firepit a one-and-done purchase!

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Sunset Firepit Kit Color Choices

Manufactured by Unilock