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Masonry Supplies

Many masonry projects require some extra tools or materials in order to complete a project. Madison Block & Stone is proud to supply you and your mason with all of the things you need to get your project from start to finish quickly and smoothly.

Mortars and Coloring

Every masonry project needs some sort of mortar. We supply pre-mixed mortars in different colors, as well as additional color mixes to give you a greater choice in your palette!

Weep Screed

Used to drain water from concrete, Weep Screed is very important to maintain long-term structural integrity in stucco or exterior walls.

Wire Mesh

One of the first steps to most masonry projects is to use wire mesh as a method of strengthening the wall that the veneer will be attached to.


Used to control how moisture, heat, and air move in masonry projects. Necessary to ensure the safety and long-term stability of your wall project.

Drain & Dry

A combination of reinforcing lath and a rainscreen, this Boral product is a great cure-all for the beginning of many masonry projects.

Wall Ties

Used in buildings with cavity walls, wall ties are essential to ensure the stability and safety of a structure.


At Madison Block & Stone, we are proud to supply a wide variety of masonry tools through Ox, a strong and dependable brand. Trowels, hammers, chisels, tool bags, levels, blades, we have all the essentials!

Grout Bags

A bag used to hold mortar or grout to apply the material with precision.

Stone Sealers

Used to maintain the color and durability of veneer, stone sealers will enhance and finish your masonry project.

Stone Cleaners

As well as selling the stone and everything you need to install it, Madison Block & Stone is glad to supply you with everything that you need to properly clean and maintain your masonry projects.