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Landscaping Supplies

Some projects require a few extra things before you can really call it finished. We intend to get you those extra things! Whether it be glass blocks, adhesives, lights, or anything in between, we can get the products you need to bring your project full circle.

Polymeric Sand               

A special blend of sand and binding polymers, this product is a must-have for all your patio and walkway projects. Designed to flow down smoothly and install quickly, polymeric sand will help solidify your patio and ensure its stability for years to come. At Madison Block & Stone, we recommend installing your polymeric sand in a manner like Techniseal’s tutorial on YouTube.

Bonding Liquids

If you’re looking for a unique patio or walkway, look no further than our stock of bonding liquids! Whether you’re binding pebbles or stabilizing loose materials, we’ve got the right stuff to make your project something special!


With adhesives supplied from multiple companies and for multiple uses, Madison Block & Stone can supply you with all the sticky stuff you’ll need for your next project.


The final step for any impressive patio project is to seal it. We keep a variety of sealer styles on hand to fit any project you may have, or your current patio, for that matter! Whether you want a shiny gloss, a color enhancement, or just to protect your patio from the elements, we have you covered.

Tru-Scapes Lighting

Utilizing classic designs with modern technology, these aren’t your typical store-bought lights! Constructed of brass and finished with either powder coatings or paint brushings, Tru-Scapes will light the way to a better project! Utilizing Bluetooth technology and copper wiring, these lights are not only easy to install, they’re also modern and stylish. Everything you’ll need for installation will come in the box, creating a quick and easy install process.

Check out Tru-Scapes Lighting in its own product page!

Glass Blocks

A product of rising popularity in the past few years, glass blocks are excellent additions to a variety of projects. They are sturdy, stylish, and can be ordered in a variety of different colors. Use them as pillar or wall accents, lighting features, or a sturdy all-season window! Glass blocks are also seeing a rise in Masonry projects as well.

Weed Fabric

A must-have for any landscaping project, our Weed Fabric is heat bonded, blocks weeds from growing, and is water permeable. Madison Block & Stone carries a wide range of sizes, ensuring that we can help you fit any project.


Commonly used in the landscaping community to reinforce soils and sub bases, geogrid is a must for any retaining wall or driveway project. Using geogrid helps distribute force and weight to a wider area, creating a more stable and hardy base to build on.


Many projects will use edging to ensure the long-term functionality and beauty of the project. At Madison Block & Stone, we provide all of the right products to help your project maintain its integrity and aesthetic value. Check out our selection of edging!