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One of the more uniquely colored stones available, the Merrimac stone is a great aggregate to turn some heads. It comes in four different sizes, between ¼” and 2”, ensuring that the stone will fit your project’s needs. Butterscotch-colored with white accents, Merrimac will fit in perfectly with a desert-themed color scheme, so pair it up with some Sandy Creek flagstone or wallstone to create a large-scale natural pairing!


One of a kind color for a one of a kind project
Multiple sizes available for any need
Cost effective and unique

Data Table

Shape Rounded
Sizes 1/4″ 1/2″ 1″ 2″
per 100lbs
6 SqFt @ 2″ depth 6 SqFt @ 2″ depth 6 SqFt @ 2″ depth 4 SqFt @ 3″ depth
Colors Butterscotch, white accents

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