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Masonry Division

At Madison Block & Stone we’re committed to providing a vast selection of quality natural stone for your building project. From a cozy cottage to a stately public building, stone is a building material unmatched in timeless beauty. Its warmth and adaptability is unlike any other building material. From matching the stone on a building which has caught your eye to choosing a unique style and texture of stone for your project, our team of expert professionals is dedicated to helping you with your project.

Natural Stone Veneer
With natural stone veneer, many colors and textures can be blended together for an almost endless variety.

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Brick Veneer
Madison Block & Stone offers two excellent choices for your brick projects. Owensboro and Columbus brick are natural high quality materials that can help transform the look of your home, and are an investment that will last forever.

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Manufactured Stone
Two main advantages of manufactured stone are light weight and ease of installation. Manufactured stone products are cast in molds taken from natural stone.

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Specialty Veneer
At Madison Block & Stone we can create a unique style and texture of stonework suited to your taste. From blending several styles of stonework together or creating the sizes to fit your building project, Madison Block & Stone should be the stop for your stone selections. We can match existing stone on or recreate a blend from a photograph.

Glass Block
Glass blocks exhibit a multifaceted character that begins with the transparent/ translucent sparkling beauty of glass itself. The wide range of glass blocks offer a variety of types, thickness, sizes, shapes, and patterns; plus a number of installation methods to allow truly unique executions of your most exciting ideas.

Masonry Supplies
For your project, Madison Block & Stone carries a variety of products to aid you in the installation and protection of your investment in stone.

Below is a list of some of the masonry supplies offered by Madison Block & Stone.
Contact us if there’s a product that you need that’s not on the list.

Concrete Patching Materials
Stone and Concrete Sealers & Cleaners
Masonry Cements and Portland
Mortar Color
Masonry Tools (Trowels, Hammers, Tape Measures, Rulers, Jointers, Chisels, etc.)
Backer Rod
Construction Adhesives
Wall Ties
Angle Iron
Galvanized Mesh