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Purchasing & Delivery FAQs

Got a question about purchasing and delivery of materials that our product pages couldn’t answer? Take a look below for some of our most frequently asked questions!

Do you deliver?

We do! Madison Block & Stone has the equipment and staff to make deliveries of bulk and palletized materials.

How much does delivery cost?

Madison Block & Stone charges a flat fee per load, up to the maximum capacity of each truck we use. The fee is dependent upon the location of the delivery, and the type of material being delivered.

How much can fit in a dump truck? Can I get more than one material?

We have a few different sized dump trucks, to better service each project’s unique needs.

  • Our smallest truck can fit in tighter spaces, and in smaller driveways.  It can hold up to 5 tons (10,000 lbs) of material. This truck can split a load in a 50/50 fashion.
  • The medium sized truck is used for transporting a large amount of material, up to 8 tons (16,000 lbs) while still being able to maneuver some moderately-sized areas. This truck can split a load in a 60/40 fashion.
  • Our largest truck can transport a massive amount of material at once, up to 22 tons (44,000 lbs), but needs a lot of room to place the material. This truck does not allow split loads, but we will mix materials if requested.

Can I order over the phone?

We do encourage our customers to visit us to ensure that you will be getting the right material for your project, but we do take orders by phone.

How do I pay for my delivery order?

We will accept a credit card over the phone, or a check at the time of delivery. If you choose to pay by check, we will request that you do not write the check until the driver has delivered the material, and you can view the itemized invoice with the cost printed on it. We accept all major credit cards except for American Express.

Can I pick up material from your location?

We do allow and encourage customers to pick up material. Typically, our customers bring in pails, buckets, garbage cans, etc. from home as transport containers. Please refer to the Bulk Materials question below for instructions on how to accurately purchase your material with the least amount of steps. We also will use our equipment to assist in loading appropriately sized trailers and truck beds with bulk material if requested.

I don’t have anything to carry the material in. Do you sell bags?

For our customers’ convenience, we do sell large canvas bags as well as 5 gallon buckets here in the store.

How do you sell bulk materials?

Madison Block & Stone utilizes a regularly maintained and calibrated vehicle scale to ensure accuracy when weighing bulk materials for sale.  With you and any passengers in the car present, we will ask that you follow these instructions in sequential order:

  • Bring your vehicle to a full stop at the end of the scale with the sliding window, closest to our chainlink fence, facing said fence.
  • Wait for confirmation from the scale attendant (typically a thumbs-up sign or verbal confirmation) that we have read your weight and you may proceed to obtain your materials. We may ask you to re-position your vehicle if it is off-center or not properly aligned on the scale.
  • If you will request assistance with loading material, please do so before leaving the scale.
  • Drive your vehicle to the material you wish to purchase and load your vehicle with it. If you need directions, please ask the scale attendant.
  • When you have finished loading, bring your vehicle to its original position on the scale to determine difference in weight.
  • Move your vehicle off the scale to an appropriate parking area, enter the store, and purchase the material and any additional products you require by speaking with a sales representative.

 Can I return what I don’t use?

We accept returns if the material is in good condition, returned in the appropriate units they were sold in, and if the return is made within an acceptable time frame. If you think you may be purchasing more than you need, please consult with your sales representative to determine the terms of your item’s return policy.

My project is in the backyard. Can your trucks back up over my lawn and dump there?

Our company policy requires that we do not allow our drivers to operate the vehicles on soft terrain. This policy is in place to protect our customers’ lawns, property and landscaping. We will only place material that allows us to keep all four tires touching one of the following throughout the process;

  • Concrete
  • Brick pathways/driveways
  • Compacted Gravel
  • Asphalt

I won’t be home during my delivery. How will your drivers know where to place my material?

We are glad to accept verbal instruction over the phone, by email, or in person to place on the order’s detailed instructions. While verbal instructions are followed to the letter, we recommend using a physical indicator, such as a caution cone, spray paint marker or a variety of miscellaneous objects, to help our drivers with knowing where to place materials.

What else should I be aware of when ordering a delivery?

Our dump trucks have boxes that extend high up into the air. As such, it is mandatory and not negotiable to check and confirm that the truck will not be coming into contact with overhead branches, telephone wires, electrical wires, garages, roofs, siding, and other potential objects that could damage the truck or the property.

How can I be sure I’m getting the right material?

Given the wide variety of materials that we offer and sell daily, we recommend to all our customers that they visit our campus to ensure they’ll get the perfect product for their project. We do feature a large gallery of pictures on our website, but there is no equivalent to feeling the material in your own hands. Stop out sometime and visit us!

How much does delivery cost?

The cost varies upon the location. Madison Block & Stone charges a flat rate for Madison and the surrounding areas, and the flat rate increases as we go further outside those areas.