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Landscaping Materials FAQs

Got a question about our supply of landscaping materials that our product pages couldn’t answer? Take a look below for some of our most frequently asked questions!

Do you carry river rock?

We do! River rock is the common term for a rounded decorative stone. We have many different varieties of rounded stones, and they can be seen on the decorative stone page!

Do you have shredded/screened topsoil?

Yes, we do! At Madison Block & Stone, we call it “Pulverized Topsoil.” It is free of rocks and weeds, sold by weight, and typically is available if temperatures remain above freezing, and the weather has been without precipitation for at least two days.

Can I buy just one block?

Some of the blocks that we sell come in special amounts, such as three-piece sets, or sometimes layers. However, there are some blocks that require our customers to purchase a full pallet. These designations are made on their specific product page in their respective Data Tables. Sizes are listed first, followed by specific sales quantities.

Would it be possible to take a block as a sample?

Our sales staff will be more than happy to check a sample out to you to help you ensure that you will be purchasing the right product for your project. If you need a sample of a non-stock item (designated on product pages), you may call any of our sales staff to order a sample.

Can I take samples of decorative stone and flagstone?

We do request that you visit the office before taking any samples from the Madison Block & Stone property. After consulting with the sales staff in the office, you will be given permission and instructions on taking a sample of decorative stone, flagstone, wallstone, and other natural stone products.

What is the minimum I must order to have landscaping stone delivered?

There is no minimum quantity to order for delivery, whether it be decorative stone, wallstone, flagstone, or boulders. At Madison Block & Stone, no job is too large or small for us to help with. If you have more questions regarding delivery, consult our Purchasing & Delivery FAQ page.

Do you do installation?

Madison Block & Stone does not execute installation of products. However, we do maintain a list of contractors that we commonly work with and sell product to that we will be glad to send our customers upon request. Reach us at the Contact Us page to request it.