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Edging Products

Poly Lawn Edging

This edging is typically used to retain the edge of decorative stone beds, flower beds, and other light projects. Poly lawn edging is constructed of plastic, sold in 20-foot lengths, with a small loop on top, and comes with 4 stakes and 1 end connector per length.

Plastic Brick Edging

This type of edging is used to retain the integrity and placement of bricks or other stones being held within. A very common feature in patio and pathway installations, these come in lengths close to 8 feet, and include 3 spikes or stakes with each length to ensure the security of each piece.

Concrete Lawn Edging

While many skinny and long pavers can be used as an edging or border, some bricks are made specifically with edging in mind. We are happy to carry some of these options and are glad to recommend more.

Natural Stone Edging

These stones are snapped and sawn to the perfect dimensions you need to create a unique and beautiful edge to your project.

Aluminum Edging

A great choice for lawn edging and landscaping beds, aluminum edging is strong, durable, and perfect for your next project.