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Crushed Gravel (Road Gravel)

Our Crushed Limestone Gravel, otherwise known as Road Gravel, is the industry standard for the material you need, and the material contractors prefer to start any project. Most commonly, Crushed Gravel is purchased in heavy quantities to create and solidify a base course for patios, paths, and a variety of other projects. Add that resume to the cost-effective price point, and Crushed Gravel will be one of the top priorities on your purchasing list!


Great for any project that needs a base or leveling
Multiple sizes to make any project work
Compacts firmly for a solid base

Data Table

FunctionPatio base, walkways, driveways, compaction stone
Sizes1/2″ (Screenings)3/4″ (Driveway)1 1/2″
Coverage per 100lbs6 SqFt @ 2″ depth6 SqFt @ 2″ depth4 SqFt @ 3″ depth

Product Photos